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Welcome to Kidane Mhret Church Of Toronto
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Pope Francis, Tawadros proposed that May 10th each year should be marked as a day of celebration between the two communities.

Last year, at the installation of the Holy father Francis as Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church and Bishop of Rome, His Holiness Pope Tawadros III participated at the celebration. On May 10, on the 40th anniversary of the encounter between the Bishop of Rome, Pope Shenuda and the Bishop of Rome Pope Paul VI, the current Popes of the two Apostolic Sees, Tawadros and Francis, met and proposed to fix the date as a day of common celebrations between the two communities over which they preside.

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Pope's Address to Bishops of Ethiopia and Eritrea

"In your loving concern for the poor and downtrodden, may you continue to seek new opportunities to cooperate with civil authorities in advancing the common good."

Vatican City, May 09, 2014 - Pope Francis gave the following address this morning to the Bishops' Conference of Ethiopia and Eritrea on the occasion of their "ad Limina Apostolorum".


Dear Brother Bishops,

I offer you a warm welcome on the occasion of your Visit ad Limina Apostolorum, as you come on pilgrimage to pray at the tombs of Saints Peter and Paul. This is a joyful occasion, for your presence strengthens your bonds of love and communion with the Successor of Peter. I trust that these days of reflection and prayer may be a source of refreshment for you, and that they may deepen the ties of your friendship in Jesus Christ and your fraternal cooperation in the service of the Gospel. I wish to offer a particular word of appreciation to Archbishop Souraphiel for his greeting offered in your name and that of the faithful of your local Churches. I ask that you convey my greeting to all of them and offer the assurance of my deep affection and spiritual closeness.

Your visit also provides an opportunity for us to reflect together on the life of the Church in Ethiopia and Eritrea and to discuss the joys and challenges which you face daily. Though you are from different countries and belong to different rites, each with its own particular richness, your mission in service of Christ and his Church is the same: to proclaim the Gospel and to build up the faithful in holiness, unity and charity. When that mission is exercised in collaboration and mutual support, the Church, united in the Spirit, breathes with the two lungs of East and West and burns with love for Christ (cf. Apostolic Constitution Sacri Canones). I am grateful for all that you do to demonstrate this collegial communion which is itself a witness to the unity of the People of God born of faith in Jesus Christ.

That faith, present in your lands from the earliest days of the Church (cf. Acts 8:26-40), has been nourished and renewed throughout the years by devoted missionaries who, compelled by their love of Christ, proclaimed the Gospel so that "all who live might live no longer for themselves but for him who for their sake died and was raised" (2 Cor 5:15). In our own day, we require again this missionary spirit to announce the saving message of new life in Christ to all of society, not only to those who do not know him, but also to the faithful, so they may hear once more the freshness of the Gospel and be encouraged to find ever new and creative ways to live and celebrate their faith (cf. Evangelii Gaudium, 11).

This great task of evangelization, entrusted to you as successors of the Apostles, is one which you carry out above all in communion with your priests. I join you in gratitude for the priests serving your local Churches, both those raised up from among your communities and those who have come as missionaries. Through their sacramental ministry and preaching, as well as their charitable works, these priests make visible the presence of Christ and manifest his love for humanity. If they are to be holy and effective heralds of the Gospel, however, it is essential that they themselves be constantly evangelized anew. This should first take place in the seminary through integral human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral formation. Such formation will help to instil in the priests a lifelong love of prayer, learning and self-sacrifice. But they also need your active interest in their lives and ministry. I urge you to be good and generous fathers to your priests, present to them and attentive to their human and spiritual needs, and their ongoing formation in the priesthood. In addition, it is important that a true fraternity among the priests be fostered so that they may accompany one another in their ministry and bear one another’s burdens. In such a way, they will be able to respond more generously to the grace of God in their lives and give witness to the joy of Christian discipleship.

The mission of the Church in Ethiopia and Eritrea has been advanced by the support of so many men and women religious who, for many generations, have generously cooperated in building up your local communities. Many have left their own homelands and families to come to the horn of Africa to join local religious in teaching the young, caring for the sick, and responding to the pastoral circumstances of your communities. In so doing, they have reflected the merciful face of Christ and assisted your Churches in living out the Gospel. I join you in thanking Almighty God for these men and women religious, past and present, for their sacrifices and indispensable service. As part of your episcopal ministry, I ask you to encourage and support their continued efforts to serve the spiritual and material needs of the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea today.

As the Second Vatican Council made clear, the work of evangelization is not reserved to the clergy or religious, but is the competence of all the Christian faithful, who are called to proclaim the saving love they have experienced in the Lord Jesus (cf.Apostolicam Actuositatem, 6). I appreciate the efforts you have made to create new opportunities for the catechetical formation of the faithful and to reach out to the young, who are at that pivotal time of their lives when they are challenged to deepen their relationship with Christ and his Church, and looking to start families of their own. Confronted by so many challenges in contemporary society, including an increasingly secularized culture and fewer opportunities for dignified work, it is essential that wise and committed lay men and women guide young people in discerning the direction of their lives and in securing their future. For a more effective catechetical outreach, it is also important to continue to identify and prepare qualified lay leaders to assist in forming the faithful and thus make present "the fragrance of Christ’s closeness and his personal gaze" (Evangelii Gaudium, 169).

Dear brother Bishops, together with the priests, men and women religious, and lay faithful of your local Churches, you are called to diffuse this fragrance of Christ in the midst of Ethiopia and Eritrea (cf. 2 Cor 2:14). Many years of conflict and continuing tensions, in addition to widespread poverty and drought conditions, have brought great suffering to the people. I thank you for the generous social programmes which, inspired by the Gospel, you provide in collaboration with various religious, charitable and governmental agencies, aimed at alleviating this suffering. I think especially of the many children you serve who experience hunger and who have been orphaned because of violence and poverty. I am mindful too of the young people who like so many of their friends and family would otherwise flee their homeland in search of greater opportunities, and risk losing their lives during dangerous journeys. And of course, we must always remember the many elderly who could so easily be forgotten in the midst of such hardships. Your efforts on their behalf, which give such a powerful witness to the love of God in your midst, are an extraordinary grace for the people. In your loving concern for the poor and downtrodden, may you continue to seek new opportunities to cooperate with civil authorities in advancing the common good.

Conscious of the difficulties you face and the blessings you have received, I join all of you in praying for a renewed outpouring of grace upon the beloved Church in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Entrusting you to the intercession of Mary, Mother of the Church, I willingly impart my Apostolic Blessing to you and to all the priests, consecrated men and women, and lay people of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

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ጸሎት  መቍጸርያ ናብ መሎኮታዊ ርኅራኄ ኣምላኽ

Divine Mercy Chaplet

ጸሎት ታስዕቲ ናብ መለኮታዊ ርሕራሔ

ጐ. ኢየሱስ ክርስቶስ ሕዝቢ ክርስትያን ንበዓል መለኮታዊ ርኅራኄ (ዳግማይ ትንሣኤ) ብጸሎት ታስዕቲ (ካብ ዓርቢ ስቕለት ክሳብ ቀዳም ትንሣኤ) ኪሰናደዉ ሓተተ። ኣብ ነፍስወከፍ ዕለት ናይዚ ታስዕቲ ምእንቲ ሓደ ፍሉይ ጉጅለ ሕዝቢ ክርስትያን ኪጽልዩ ኣመልከተ፦ ብፍላይ ድማ ኣብ ታሽዓይ መዓልቲ ምእንቲ እቲ ዝተረረ ጉጅለ፦ ማለት እቶም መንፈሳዊ ተገዳስነት ዘየሕድሩ፦ ኣይሙውቓት ኣይዝሑላት ምእመናን ኪጽልዩ ሓተተ። ብዛዕባ እዚኣቶም፦ “እዚኣቶም ሓለፋ ኵሎም የሳቕዩንን የደንግጹንን። ኣብ ጌተሳምኒ ካብ ኵሎም ንላዕሊ ዘጨነቑንን ሰገድገድ ዘበሉኒ ንሳቶም ኢዮም። ኣብኣቶም ምስ በጻሕኩ ኢየ ከኣ፦ ‘ኦኣቦ፦ ዚከኣል እንተደኣ ኰይኑስ፦ እዚ ጽዋዕ እዚ ከይሰተኽዎ ይሕለፍ!’ ኢለ ዝለመንኩ። ሓንቲ ተሪፋቶም ዘላ ተስፋ ናብ መለኮታዊ ርኅራኄ ልበይ ኪዕቈቡ ጥራይ ኢዩ።”  እኅት ፋውስቲና ኣብ ዝገደፈቶ ጽሑፍ፦ ኢየሱስ “ኣብዚ ታስዕቲ ነፍስወከፍ ዕለት ሓደ ፍሉይ ጉጅለ ሰባት ኣምጽእኪ ኣብ ባሕሪ ምሕረተይ እለኺዮም . . .  ኣብ ትሩፋት ሕማማተይ ተመርኲስኪ እዘን ነፍሳት ዜድልየን ጸጋ ነቦይ ለምንለን” እናበለ ከምዝተዛረባ ትገልጽ። እዚ ዚስዕብ ጸሎት ታስዕቲ ምስታ  “ምህለላ መለኮታዊ ርኅራኄ” ትድገም።

ፈለማይ መዓልቲ


“ሎሚ ኵሉ ውሉደ ኣዳም፦ ብፍላይ ድማ ኵሉ ሓጢኣተይና ኣምጽእለይ”

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ትንሣኤ ክርስቶስ ካብ ምዉታን

በታ ቐዳመይቲ መዓልቲ ሰሙን ግና ማርያም መግደላዊት፡ ገና ጸልማት ከሎ፡ ኣንጊሃ ናብቲ መቓብር መጸት፡ ነቲ እምኒ ኸኣ ካብ ኣፍ መቓብር ተፈንቂሉ ረኣየቶ። ስለዚ ንሳ ጐይያ፡ ናብ ስምኦን ጴጥሮስን ናብቲ ኢየሱስ ዜፍቅሮ ኻልእ ወደ መዝሙርን መጺኣ፥ "ንጐይታና ካብ መቓብር ወሲዶምዎ፡ ኣበይ ከም ዘንበርዎ ኣይንፈልጥን" በለቶም።

ጴጥሮስን እቲ ሓደ ወደ መዝሙርን ከኣ ወጹ፡ ናብቲ መቓብርውን ከዱ። ክልቲኣቶም ብሓንሳእ ጐየዩ እሞ እቲ ሐደ ወደ መዝሙር ንጴጥሮስ ቀደሞ። ኣብቲ መቓብርውን ቅድም በጽሔ።  ደኒኑ እንተ ጠመተ ኸኣ፡ ኣብኡ መጋንዝ ረኣየ፡ ግናኸ ኣይኣተወን።

ሽዑ ስምኦን ጴጥሮስ ደድሕሪኡ መጺኡ፡ ናብቲ መቓብር ኣተወ ነቲ መጋንዝውን ተነቢሩ ረኣዮ። እቲ ኣብ ርእሱ ዝነበረ መኣረምያ ኸኣ ንበይኑ ተጠቕሊሉ ነበረ እምበር፡ ምስቲ መጋንዝ ኣይነበረን።  ሽዑ እቲ ቕድም ናብ መቓብር ዝመጸ ኻልእ ወደ መዝሙር ድማ ኣተወ፡ ነቲ ኻብ ምዉታት ኪትንስእ ይግብኦ እዩ፡ ዚብል ጽሑፍ ግና ኣየስተውዐልዎን ነበሩ እሞ፡ ርእዩ ኣመነ። ሽዑ እቶም ደቀ መዛሙርቲ ናብ ቤቶም ተመልሱ።

ማርያም ግና ኣብቲ ኣፍ መቓብር ደው ኢላ ትበኪ ነበረት። እናበኸየት ከኣ ናብቲ መቓብር ድንን ኢላ፡ ኣብቲ ሬሳ ኢየሱስ ዝነበሮ፡ ጻዕዳ ኽዳውንቲ እተኸድኑ ኽልተ መልኣኽ፡ ሓደ ብትርኣስ ሓደ ብትርጋጽ፡ ረኣየት። ንሳቶም ከኣ፡ "ኣቲ ሰበይቲ፡ እንታይ የብክየኪ አሎ፧" በልዋ። "ንሳ፡ ንጐይታይ ወሲዶምዎ፡ ኣበይ ከም ዘንበርዎ ኸኣ ኣይፈልጥን" በለቶም።  እዚ ኢላ ንድሕሪኣ ግልጽ በለት እሞ ንኢየሱስ ደው ኢሉ ረኣየቶ። ኢየሱስ ምዃኑ ግና ኣይፈለጠትን።

ኢየሱስ ከኣ፥ “ኣቲ ሰበይቲ፡ እንታይ የብኪየኪ አሎ፧ ንመንሲ ትደልዪ አሎኺ?” በላ። ንሳ ኸኣ ሓላዉ ኣታኽልቲ መሲልዋ፡ “ጐይታይ፡ ንስኻ ኣልዒልካዮ እንተ ዄንካስ፡ ኣነ ኽወስዶ፡ ኣበይ ከም ዘንበርካዮ ንገረኒ” በለቶ። ኢየሱስ ከኣ፥ “ማርያም!” በላ። ንሳ ድማ ግልጽ ኢላ፡ ብእስራይስጢ፥ “ረቡኒ!!!”  - ትርጕሙ መምህረይ ማለት እዩ። ኢየሱስ ከኣ፡ “ገና ናብ ኣቦይ ኣይደየብኩን እሞ፡ ኣይትተንክይኒ። ግናኸ ናብ ኣሕዋተይ ኪዲ እሞ፡ ናብ ኣቦይን ኣቦኹምን ናብ ኣምላኸይን ኣምላኽኩምን እድይብ አሎኹ፡ በልዮም” በላ። ማርያም መግደላዊት፡ ንጐይታ ኸም ዝረኣየቶን እዚውን ከም ዝበላን፡ ከይዳ ነቶም ደቀ መዛሙርቲ ነገረቶም።


ብሩኽ በዓል ትንሣኤ ይግበረልና!

ንሕና እውን፥ ከም ማርያም መግደላዊትን ብጾታን ኣንጊህና ካብ ጸላምት ለይቲ ወጺእና ንኢየሱስ ኣብ ሕይወትና ክነናድዮን፥ ከምኣ "ንጐይታ ርእየዮ!!!" ኢልና ክንምስክር ይብቅዓና!!!

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ስስዐ - ህርፋን ጥሪት

ብኣባ ሙሴ ተስፋሃንስ፥ ማኅ. ሲታውያን

“ሓደ ኻብቶም ሕዝቢ ድማ 'መምህር! ንሓወይ ርስቲ ኺመቐልኒ ተዛረበለይ' በሎ። ኢየሱስ ከኣ 'ኣታ ሰብኣይ፣ ኣባኻትኩምከ ዳኛን መማቐልን ገይሩ መን ሸመኒ፧' በሎ። ኣስዒቡ ኸኣ ' ሕይወት ሰብ ብብዝሒ ገንዘብ ኣይኮነትን እሞ ተጠንቀቑ፣ ካብ ኵሉ ስስዐ ድማ ተሓለዉ' በሎም" (ሉቃ.12፡ 13-15)።  ‘ስሱዕ መገዲ ዕዳጋ ይጸቦ’ ይብሃል።መገዲ ዕዳጋ ብዙሕ ሰብ ዚመላለሰሉ ገፊሕ መገዲ እዩ። ንስሱዕ ግን እቲ ገፊሕውን ይጸቦ። ከመይ ንኹሉ በይኑ ክውንኖን፣ ንበይኑ ክብሕቶን ክጥቀመሉን ስለ ዝደሊ።

ስስዐ፡ ኣኣኽለኒ ዘይፈልጥ ዘይስሩዕ ህርፋን ጥሪት እዩ። ንዅሉ ሃብትን ጥሪትን፣ ከምኡውን ዋጋ ንዚውሃቦ ጽቡቕ ዚብሃል ነገርን፣ ካብቲ ዘድልየና መሠረታዊ ነገር ደረት ሓሊፍና፣ ንዅሉ ክንውንን ክንእክብን ምድላይ እዩ። ለቖታ ስሱዕ፣ ዘእቶኻ እንተ ኣእቶኻ ዘይትመልእ፣ ማእሰሪ ዘይብላ፡ ኵሉ ሳዕ ኣፋ ከፊታ፤ ኣምጽእ ወስኽ ክትብል እትነብር ግናይ መኽዘን እያ። ከምቲ ማይ ባሕሪ መጠን ዝሰተኻዮ ዘጽምኣካ፣ ስስዐ ኸኣ መጠን ዝረኸብካን ዝኣከብካን መጠኑ የህርፈካ።


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